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Child tax dependency

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a judge put in my child support papers that my ex is entitled to claim our two children as dependents for income tax purposes. But this violates all of the irs regulations that I have read. Do I have to abide by these papers from the local court or abide by the regulations set by the federal government? The circumstances have changed since these papers were drafted in that he only sees them 3 days a month and has reduced child support.

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    Wait a minute, full compliance with an existing court order is expected. If you think the order should say something different, then you most petition to modify the order. Until that happens, you are bound to comply on penalty of the court's contempt powers, punished by jail and/or fine. Secondly, are you sure you have read the right IRS regs? On the question of which parent's claim will be honored, the IRS respects the order of a state court. Only if there is no court order in place will the rules about custody and support govern.

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  2. I agree with Attorney Sinclair. The court order must be followed until and unless there is a modification of that order. If circumstances have changed such that you think there is reason to modify the language, then seek a consultation with counsel to review the facts and circumstances. You want to determine if the language is modifiable and then if so, under what circumstances.

    As for the IRS, they will defer to the state order. You need to follow the order until and unless it is modified.

  3. You must follow the court orders. Additionally, what you have read is wrong, or was misunderstood by you. IRS regulations are absolutely clear; the custodial parent claims the children on his or her return. The custodial parent is presumed by the IRS to provide mote than half of the financial support for the children. The form number escapes me, but there exists a form that permits the custodial parent to sign off the child as a dependent to the non-custodial parent.

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