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Child support question, living in Massachusetts and child support is in South Carolina

Springfield, MA |
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I live in Massachusetts and my son and his mother live in Greenville South CArolina. I have been layed off since November. I have been in contact with child suport services since i was let go. I am having a problem paying the full amount of support ordered. I have asked to have it ammended. I have been served with papers to go to court because I am behind in my support. I have called the child support divison and the court stating that it is a hard ship for me to have to fly there, rent a car and hotel. If I could afford that I would pay my child support. Is there any legal standing for me to not have to appear????

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This question should've been posted to South Carolina so a SC attorney can answer.

However, I would guess that you could ask the judge for a teleconference instead of appearing in person. Here in MA, you can do that.


If your child support order is out of South Carolina then you need to contact a lawyer in that state who is familiar with the particular rules of the Court in that state relative to you appearing by alternative means and to assist you in lowering your total support amount. I suggest that you do this right away as with each passing week, you will get farther and father behind.

While the laws in North Carolina are likely different than in aware that if this case was in Massachusetts, your license could get suspended, your tax returns and bank accounts seized, and you could serve some jail time while the child support you owe continues to increase.

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