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Child support laws in Indiana is paying college tuition required

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Live in Indiana. Daughter 19, attending college this Fall. Shared custody, ex has primary. I was originally given primary, but voluntarily allowed children to live with ex to attend their old school. No custody issues or problems til now. No formal child support was ordered from me. I agreed (in writing) to help pay for some expenses such as clothing, misc., etc. I have not worked since before children were born. My son is 16, Daughter 19. I have had three spinal surgeries. The most recent involved permanent spinal injury. Standing, sitting, walking is difficult for prolonged periods. I have not applied for SS Disability. My husband makes approx $23,000 gross (below poverty level). We support my husbands 80 year old mother. Needless to say Money is tight. I have approx. $60,000 in stocks which are my retirement savings. My ex owns his own company, has ownership in another, his wife is a nurse, their combined incomes are over six figures. My ex has had his attorney send me a letter stating that I need to agree to pay for 1/3 of my daughters total college expenses or he will sue me for 1/2 of expenses, full custody of both kids along with child support and his attorney fees. Needless to say, I cannot afford any of this. It would definitely pose a financial hardship on me. What should I do. What is the possible likely outcome if this goes before a judge?

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In many states courts have the discretion to order child support for children attending college. Whether Indiana does this and whether it applies in your specific circumstances will have to be left to a local lawyer.

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