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I am currently 19 my father is up to date in the child support, we agreed he would pay through college. But the court just terminated the order, I wanted all of the payments to go through the court because its simpler that way. He is in agreeance with the child support order. What can be done now?

Philadelphia, PA -

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Daniel Pollock

Daniel Pollock

Lawyer - Mount Holly Springs, PA

The states can only enforce child support orders until the child is 18 or out of highschool unless ther are "special needs If he is willing to continue to pay for you through college good for you and thank him profusely just have him send you the money that he would have paid to the state for child support

Mark Copoulos

Mark Copoulos

Criminal Defense Attorney - Philadelphia, PA

The parents legal obligation to the child ends at 18. The courts have no place in this continued support. Work it out with your father.

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Child support is a payment made from one parent to another parent (usually from non-custodial to custodial), to help ensure the child's financial needs are met.

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