Child Support Case is going to District Attorney- what does this mean?

Asked over 1 year ago - Saint Louis, MO

I have full custody of my 2 children and my ex wife is behind over $13,000 in child support. The District Attorney's office took possession of the case from CSE and I have been checking it's progress online ( But the terms and abbreviations are so confusing. Can someone please tell me what is going on? When I call their office, they say everything will be communicated in the mail, but I haven't received anything yet and it says it was mailed on 11/16.

Judge/Clerk - Note
Automatic Family Court Order Rule 68.3 and Mandatory Exchange of Documents Rule 68.5 forms given/mailed to attorney/petitioner.
Confid Dom Rel Info File Sheet
Petition Filed - No Fees
Memorandum Filed
Judge Assigned
DIV 6 FC10
Thank you

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  1. Catherine Earnshaw-Hobbs

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    Answered . When your child support case was taken over by the prosecutor's office, that means that criminal nonsupport charges have been filed against your former wife.

    Rule 68.5 of the local rules in your county requires financial documents to be provided - and the party to provide them has 60 days to do so according to the rule.

    Unfortunately, these matters just take a fairly long time to resolve. You probably haven't received anything from the prosecutor's office yet because it is unlikely that they have anything to report to you yet. Just be patient for the time being and check in with them periodically so your case gets the attention it deserves.

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  2. Alan James Brinkmeier

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    Answered . These are the abbreviations

    Confid = Confidential
    Dom = Domestic
    Rel = Relations
    Info = Information

    You will be notified by mail about what is not confidential concerning this domestic relations inforamation being review by the prosecutor.

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