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Child Support; He is not working per say or is getting pay by cash to avoid paying child support. Can that be fought against?

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Child support for my sister's two children 8 and 12. since 2 years of age for both. Is there anything that can be done to receive child support owed from him?

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If he was ordered by a court to pay child support & has not, then he is in contempt of a court's order.
Your sister needs to hire an attorney & file a lawsuit against him. He will be ordered to pay & if he does not, he can go to jail. Plus, he might be ordered to pay all or part of her attorney's fees since he has not paid. Look on this website & hire a tough, smart attorney. Contempt is technical so you cannot do it yourself.


Yes. It is presumed that a non-custodial parent is able to earn minimum wage for a 40 hour work week. This is rebuttable, however, depending on the circumstances of that parent. If a non-custodial parent is working a "cash Job", an experienced family law attorney may be discover that parent's actual income through a variety of methods.


Of course, but its not something you will probably be able to do by yourself. If you need assistance contact someone on this site. Don't let your sister sit on her rights. Any questions let me know.

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