Child support & spousal suppoer ordered by judge do I get all at once on first as ordered?

Wondering if I get the amount awarded for support on the first as ordered by the judge or if its cut up in two payments. What perventage can they legally take from my spouses checks ? This will be the first payment that I should be getting on the first thru garnishment. Thanks

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Larry Jerome Couture

Larry Jerome Couture

Family Law Attorney - Tacoma, WA

Look at your Order of Child Support and the Order to pay Maintenance in the Temporary Order. With child support there are two dates: 1st is when the support becomes effective, usually the first day of a particular month. The 2nd is when it is to be paid. Even if it says pay on the first of the month, Office of Child Support will not collect anything until it is past due by, as I recall, 30 days. In the temporary order there is likewise a start date and, in the absence of a specific day for payment, it can be paid any time during the month it is due.

Garnishment is limited. If you do it the employer holds up to 35% of disposable money. If it is a bank or institution they withhold all the money they are holding.
Garnishment is not automatic but wage withholding can be, depending on the Order of Child Support.

Robert Daniel Kelly

Robert Daniel Kelly

Personal Injury Lawyer - Seattle, WA

Child support payments should be made in accordance with the terms and conditions of the court order. The limitations on wage garnishment are set forth in RCW title 6. (i.e.

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