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Child custody

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I am an 18 year old father I live with my wife. My ex girlfriend harasses me whenever I have my 7 month old daughter for even an hour. She is 17 years old. I have a job I pay my bills and i'm planning to get a better paying job. She lives with her brother,.her parents died a year ago, and she is on WIC. Who has.a better chance of getting custody? What should I do if she calls the cops when ever I have my child?

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You have a lot of issues that need to be adressed and you definitely need an attorney. It does not sound like her activity is criminal in nature yet. So the cops will probably ignore a call.

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You both need to learn to work together to raise your child. If you can't get there with your ex there are professionals who are able to help. You you to be commended for taking on this responsibility.

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I agree with David that you need to talk to an attorney. You need to file a Paternity or Allocation of Parental Responsibility case so that your rights to see your daughter are court ordered. If you can't afford an attorney, there are forms available on line. It is best to have an attorney but if you can't afford one, initiate an action pro se without an attorney right away.

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