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Child custody

Holdenville, OK |

I am involved in a custody battle with my ex. Right now we have weekly shared visitation until the final court hearing. Everytime I get my kids back from her they are severely sick. My 2 year old is now on breathing treatments. This last doctors visit the doctor asked if there was any mold or something that they could be allergic to inside the house. I explained that they are never sick when they are with me. Is there any way to get their mothers residence inspected so that I am not accused of failure to protect my children?

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You can hire a professional inspector to look for allergens, including mold, and other unsafe conditions at the mother's house. If necessary, you can get court order to allow the inspection. You will have to front the expense of the inspection. Make sure to hire an inspector who will give you a written report, and is willing to come to court to authenticate and explain it. You should have your own house inspected, too, just to be thorough (and you may want to hire a different inspector for your house since you don't know the results in advance).

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