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Child custody, parental alienation, international move away, 730 custody evaluation.

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My ex has been alienating me from our daughter since the day she was born.
Now she has requested an international move away to ride me of our daughters life for good. She claims her and her new husband have no money, yet they live a lavish life style and take 3 week long vacations Europe annually.
During a conference call a few weeks ago between the judge my lawyer & opposing counsel the judge stated he was inclined to allow the mother to move with our child because the time I have with our child is so miniscule. The judge also stated During the conference call that he was not going to order a 730 eval because the parties do not have any money to pay for one. IF I have to I will find the money to pay for half of an evaluation.

The mother is completely lying about her income. I feel like I need a 730 custody eval to prove her actions are nothing more that a final ploy to eliminate me from our child for good. What can I do?

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There are a lot of things that you can do, many of which - as you are aware - cost a considerable amount of money. If you want a custody evaluation to be completed, it would be wise for you to immediately request that it be done, including offering to pay for it if you can find the money to do so. Additionally, if you are concerned about the financial claims, doing discovery (in particular document production) would advisable to obtain copies of your ex's bank statements. In the alternative, bank records could potentially be subpoenaed.


Depending on where the international move is, you might convince the judge to deny the international move. Where is the proposed move?

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she wants to go to Israel.


You need to think seriously about hiring an international attorney. Best

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Custody/move-away cases are always the most expensive and emotionally draining in family law. The problem with such cases is that both parties present two extreme set of facts to the court, e.g. mom will claim father doesn't care about the child which is why he has spent "miniscule" time with the child; while, father will claim he has spent little to no time with the child because of mother's "alienating" behavior. In such cases, asking for a 730 custody evalution is justified. As my colleague correctly stated, such evaluations are expensive. If you feel that you can afford such an evaluation, then the next step is to ask the court for one--either as a separate motion or at your next hearing (or status hearing).

Remember, the basis of your request and/or the basis of the 730 expert's recommendations are going to be based on the "best interests of the child" legal standard.

If you cannot afford to hire attorney, please note that some attorneys provide coaching sessions. This is especially helpful in situations where a party needs legal assistance, but can't afford to hire an attorney to fully represent them. As you most likely already know, legal fees in such cases can be astronomical.

Good luck.

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