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Charges:1)11377(a) HS F. 2)11550(a) HS M. 3)11364.1(a) HS M. 4)14601.1(a) VC M. 56 or 95)14601.1 VC. P. . I want to know

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No probation. I wasparked at a park. With someone on parole. I took all charges only after I told them not to search... cited and released. My question is I've never been offered any program they want me to do drug court. My pd said they want you to do a chunk of time or this drug court 18 months. He never even told me how much. Still in arrgn. Consideration on Tuesday. For drug court. And I want pc 1000. Or prop 36 never had them . Why a program that's so long on my first offense.....the public defender seems to be rushing this because of hypo needles. But I really want to fight this felony I don't have one. I don't want one. What to do

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You really need to consult with a qualified criminal defense professional. You can request that the public defender provide a copy of the reports and then consult with another attorney. With multiple offenses like this, all the facts must be considered. Penal Code Section 1000 and Proposition 36 each have their own eligibility requirements. Other non drug charges can be a bar to either program. There are also issues with potential prior offenses and previous probations. There is too much material to cover in on online forum. The HS 11377 offense can be either a misdemeanor or a felony. You are right to not want a felony. No one can really tell you what to do without evaluating all of the circumstances and evidence. If you have been experiencing problems with drugs, in addition to getting qualified legal help, you should seek treatment on your own and document the treatment that you have undertaken. If you can get professional help that is good,; if you can't you can start attending AA or NA and get court cards to establish attendance. What the Court and the District Attorney are willing to do with a case can improve dramatically if they are convinced that the defendant is taking positive steps on their own to deal with the problems which gave rise to the offense. This information should be shared with your attorney, who will decide how and when to share with the Court and The District Attorney.

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