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Charged with possession of non existent pills.

Nashville, TN |
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I was pulled over by good ole Nashville police for not coming to a complete stop. Ask to search car i ask what is your propal cause and he said i don't have one, but if you don't give consent i am going to get the dogs .. Great go ahead they took the next 45 mminutes going through my mothers car and come up with a razor blade and a straw they test for traces of cocaine and could't find any i told the cop in times past i had snorted my adderall i said maybe not wise but not illegal and he said i was wrong and wrote me two charges one was possession of Adderall without a prescription, the other drug paraphernalia thats funny they never found any Adderal in the police report he never gave a reason to why he pulled me over should is there any reason a prosecutor would want to press this case

Attorney Answers 5

  1. First and foremost, you need to retain an attorney immediately. It sounds like there may be issues with your case. It's not clear whether you gave consent after being bullied by the cops. The State will not likely just drop charges so you are going to have to fight.

  2. Surely contact an attorney. An officer needs probable cause to stop with that in mind, your case could end up beneficial to you.

  3. I'm not licensed in your state, but the facts as you present them definitely do have some issues. Your admissions may or may not be enough for a conviction, but as you can see, they were definitely enough for them to charge you. Prosecutors tend to press cases and not look closely at them until and unless someone gives them good reason to. That someone would be a qualified, experienced criminal defense attorney in your area. Next time, don't make statements or admissions or give consent for anything without consulting a lawyer first. You would have been way better off letting them get the dogs.

  4. I agree with Mr. Larsen. The metro police department just released a new batch of rookie cops and they may be prone to making mistakes. You should retain and attorney immediately.

    This answer does not create an attorney-client relationship. This answer is for information only. Call me or another attorney to represent you.

  5. Keep your mouth shut and hire an attorney.

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