Charged With petty theft, didnot steal can charges be dropped

Asked almost 2 years ago - Winter Haven, FL

I was charged with petty theft 2nd offence. I HAVE NEVER BEEN CHARGED/ARRESTED WITH ANYTHING IN MY LIFe before this so how can theycharge me with a second offence. I was at walmart with a girl who was shop lifting, I didnot steal anything I put my belongings in my cart and paid for my items. She took all. responsibility for The theft. and I was still arrested. The officer said that He believes my charge Will be dropped but how likely is that and will I be able to get it off my record. Or if they're not dropped whats likely to happen. I don't get how I can be charged with a 2nd offence when ive never been arrested or how I can be charged at all when I didn't steal anything. &&ive recently found out that the girl I was with have a prior petty theft charge

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  1. Adam Todd Dougherty

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    Answered . You need an attorney ASAP. Often times everyone with the person shoplifting gets arrested. You have some good defenses available to you so don't try to do this yourself. You could have been charged with a second offense by mistake or there could be someone with the same name they're mixing you up with. Get an attorney.

  2. David Richard Damore


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    Answered . Hire an attorney ASAP. You have defenses.

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  3. Joseph Julius Registrato

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    Answered . If you were with a person who stole something, it sometimes happens cops or security people believe you and he/she were "in it together." It's a little like guilt by association but it happens all the time. The only real way out is a trial at which the state will have to prove you and she were actually accomplices to the crime. You'll need a lawyer for this ma'am, and make sure you get a criminal defense laweyr for this one because what he/she has to do here is force the issue, which is not as simple as boiling water.

  4. Charles K. Kenyon Jr.

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    Answered . When you get to court, they will probably not put it on as a second offense.

    It can be dropped but there is no assurance they will be. You should contact a local criminal defense lawyer. Now.

    That a person is innocent does not mean they won't be convicted, unfortunately.

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