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Charged with a PL 120.00 01.

New York, NY |

I was detained in a nightclub for cocaine possession under a gram and bouncers tackled me and gave me up to cops. Confused why i'm charged with pl 120.00 01 instead of drug possession charge. Is pl 120.00 01 better?

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Penal Law Section 120.00(1) is Assault in the Third Degree, a class A misdemeanor. You were presumably charged with this count for allegedly assaulting the bouncers or the cops. PL Section 220.03 is the charge for misdemeanor drug possession. If this count does not appear on the criminal court complaint, you were not charged with it. Either way, you are facing a misdemeanor.

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It is probably a clerical error. 220 si e controlled law section

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Most likely the club bouncers are trying to allege you assaulted them. They may be doing this to protect themselves from being accused of assault for tacklingyou. The police may have decided not to charge you with the drug possession, perhaps because they didn't see you possess it. Either way, you are charged with a criminal offense and should retain an experienced criminal lawyer to represent you.

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Tom Kenniff

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