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Charged with 2c:33-2a(1) and 2c:29-2a(1) will I most likedly get a fine or jail? I am in the militarily and on leave. Ballys

Fort Dix, NJ |

I suffer from Ptsd and a guard grabed me from behind because I was drunk and talking to loud. Yes I was wrong but, I do not want to lose my job. I can pay a fine

Attorney Answers 2

  1. First, you should not “admit you were wrong” in a public forum as it can be used against you. Ordinarily you are looking at a fine if these charges stay in the municipal court. One of your charges may be a felony which will almost certainly end your military career. You should also be careful when speaking with the military about the pending charges, as nothing is off the record and they can take action against you due to your “conduct” even if the charges are ultimately dismissed. Currently NJ Courts are offering special assistance to veterans. I strongly recommend that you contact this group and or hirer a private attorney.

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  2. You are charged with two DPs. On a first offense you will almost certainly be fined. It is extremely unlikely you will go to jail. But because you are in the service they were likely give you a bigger break. (municipal ordinance, maybe dismissal-less likely) Bring documents to prove your service record and your condition. An attorney could do this better but you can try it yourself and get an attorney if they do not offer you a downgrade or perhaps a dismissal. Thanks for your service.