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Charged and convicted of 12500(a) VC infraction. I'm on H-1B visa. Do I need to mention this in DS-160?

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I was charged and convicted of 12500(a) VC infraction,unlicensed driver, in California. It's a wobbler in California. I was NOT arrested. I was NOT finger printed. I'm on H-1B visa and I'm planning to attend visa interview abroad in a month. Do I need to mention this in my DS-160 form? The form asks

"Have you ever been arrested or convicted for any offense or crime, even though subject of a pardon, amnesty, or other similar action?"

What do I say to above question. My record is clean otherwise.
I did livescan DoJ check in CA which came clean. I obtained court document which clearly lines out the charge and conviction as infraction. I'm worried if saying "Yes" to this question will delay my visa processing.

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You need to answer all inquiries truthfully and bring certified documentation to your visa interview. Please consult with an immigration attorney for additional information.



I was NOT arrested and convicted of a traffic infraction. Do you think I have to say "Yes" and bring the court documentation?


You'll want to bring certified court disposition docs to your interview, and answer all questions truthfully on forms and in person. Touch base with an immigration attorney.

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Definitely. Be truthful and you need t discuss that with your counsel of record further.

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You state that you have a conviction so you should answer yes to the question and bring a certified copy to the interview.

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You mean to say conviction of a traffic infraction should be reported. That means, I have to report all my speeding tickets,too?



What I heard was normally, traffic related convictions don't have to be reported to immigration/DoS. Isn't it true?

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