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Charge for 1000 ecstasy pills

Temecula, CA |

21 year old caught with 1000 e pills in his car in CA.
charged with sales of controlled substance, transportaion of controlled substance and possesion of controlled substance.
first offense, clean record.
whats the worst case scenario
bail was only 20,000

Attorney Answers 2

  1. The worse case scenario is that you lose at trial and received 4 years in state prison for the transportation. In reality you may get far less or no time at all. You do not qualify for PC 1000 or a Prop 36 program since the charges deal with sales. If you were to overcome the sales charge, then you may be able to get a program and have this charge erased from your record. 1,000 pills is a lot and if the DA does not reduce the sales charges then you most likely face felony probation, some county jail and a fine. There are alternatives to jail and with thousands of local jails being filled with the influx of state prisoners, you may be able to work out a cal trans or work release plea doing community service. You should seek out an attorney who knows the Southwest Court there in Temecula.

    Brian Skibby (909) 489-1564.

    For a complete answer to a Criminal based questions you should consult a lawyer with all the facts concerning what occurred. No promises or guarantees can be made with any legal case. This answer is meant only as informational, not legal advice.

  2. Mr. Skibby's answer is optimistic. 1,000 pills will easily support a sales charge. What you need is a lawyer either private or public. If you are convicted you will be lucky if you get probation and county jail.

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