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Chapter 7 Meeting of Creditors was continued until a later date. Do the other deadlines automatically get extended?

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Chapter 7 bankruptcy Meeting of Creditors was continued until a later date. Do the other deadlines automatically get extended? The "deadline to object to exemptions" says "30 days after the conclusion of the meeting of creditors" (so I realize that gets extended), but the "deadline to object to debtor's discharge" has a fixed date. Does that date automatically get extended, or does that stay fixed?

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  1. It stays fixed. Your creditors still have 60 days from the date of your INITIAL meeting of creditors to object. If no creditors object and you’ve completed all other requirements (such as completing your certificate of debtor education), then you will receive your discharge after the deadline for filing objections passes

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  2. It depends. Here in Maryland, all deadlines are extended. I don't know what local practice is in your district. Ask your attorney.

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  3. Unless the local rules state otherwise, the other deadlines remain the same.

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  4. Usually all the other dates remain the same. This has been changed in some districts by local rules. Check with a local bankruptcy attorney to see what applies in your district.

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