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Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharged. staying in home. now HOA is trying to lien sale home. I need to know if I am required to pay

Riverside, CA |

I am confused over what if any part of the HOA fees I am no longer on the hook for. I am living at the home and current on the mortgage. They want to hit me for all sorts of back fees, atty fees, interest, etc. and are basically saying that I am responsible for all of it. Is that true? I know I am responsible for Post-petition hoa fees, etc.
I am trying to get on a payment plan with them but the collection law firm is very difficult and doesn't call me back. Please advise

Thanks for the help. I'm a little confused based on other things I've read. Are you saying that an HOA lien on my home can be "Avoided" in the same way a judgment lien can be avoided in a chapter 7? If so, is that to say that they couldn't make me pay even if I continued to live there?

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  1. You're n the hook for post-petition charges, at least. If the HOA has a statutory lien in place prior to your chapter 7 filing, then quite possible that all pre bankruptcy /repetition charges fees costs will be captured by that lien and attached to your home/condo...likely still in place even after chapter 7 discharge received (unless additional work was completed DURING your chapter 7 case to avoid the HOA lien, if one existed).

    Now: Depending on whether you have any equity in the condo and whether you can afford payments on at least 1st mortgage (employed or other sources of income??), then a chapter 13 filed now may be able to provide you with additional solutions.

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  2. HOA dues and assessments receive special treatment in bankruptcy. First, any assessments which came due after the day you filed for bankruptcy are clearly not discharged by your bankruptcy. Therefore, your understanding as to Post-Petition HOA dues and assessments is correct --- you are going to need to pay those.

    The issue with Pre-Petition assessments is a bit more difficult. The bankruptcy does discharge your personal liablity on the duess and assessments which were incurred prior to the bankruptcy, or Pre-Petition. However, a bankruptcy does not discharge the lien which normally is associated with HOA dues. In other words, the Association may not be able to require you to pay the Pre-petition asessment, but they are entitled to enforce their lien agains the property. Therefore, just like any other secured creditor, if the debt is not paid, they may be entitled to recovery against the property.

    It would be advisable to speak to an attorney both familiar with bankruptcy as well as with HOA issues in your local area.

  3. I agree with the other attorneys. If there was a statutory lien in place when your bankruptcy was filed, that lien would likely include all the fees you mentioned. If it is a large amount, you might consider filing a Chapter 13 to strip the lien and just pay what you can afford.

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