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Chapter 7 - Notice of Abandonment

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How likely will secured creditors object to the trustee's request to abandon the property?
What happens to judgements not recorded as liens against the property?

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  1. You need to ask your bankruptcy attorney about this. Most creditors will not object. Any liens remain on the property, but could be removed in a state proceeding. The lien can also be extinguished by the bankruptcy court.

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  2. Generally, a trustee will abandon property which has no significant value to the creditors. I cannot speak to the likelihood of whether creditors will object, but they certainly have the right to do so if they feel differently.

    As far as judgments go, I list all judgments on Schedule F and send additional notices to creditors attorneys. These judgments are generally discharged in bankruptcy.

  3. The trustee abandonment has nothing to do with the creditors and their liens. It just means that the trustee will not administer the property on behalf of the bankruptcy estate. Judgments are discharged. If they are not recorded as liens, they cannot be recorded after the petition date.

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  4. In New Jersey, the Chapter 7 Trusteee has a right to abandon the any property (real or personal) that is part of the estate. A secured creditor will most likely not object to the abandonment as they still have the right to foreclose on the property once it is abandoned. The filing acts as a stay and no one may enter a judgement or record one for a pre-petition debt. Your bankruptcy counsel should be telling all this to you.

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