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is it a bad idea to change your criminal lawyer mid case? lets say the new lawyer is better. but will it harm my case to get a new one? i.e. will the prosecution/judge see this in a bad light. case has been going on for months but trial hasnt happened yet

New Orleans, LA -

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Elizabeth B Carpenter

Elizabeth B Carpenter

Criminal Defense Attorney - New Orleans, LA

I agree with my colleague. In fact, many of my cases have been in the hands of another attorney before I enrolled. It is very important for the client to trust and feel as if she/he can communicate with the lawyer. The lawyer has a duty to explain the status of the case to the client.

My advice is for you to consult with another lawyer -- get a second opinion. If you feel more comfortable with the new lawyer then consider changing.

Many individuals change lawyers in the middle of a case.

Please feel free to contact me for a free 30 minute consultation. Maybe I can give you a little advice about your case.

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Tracey M. Martin-Henry

Tracey M. Martin-Henry

Criminal Defense Attorney - Detroit, MI

If there has been a breakdown in the attorney-client relationship because perhaps you have lost confidence in the lawyer and the stakes are high, you have the right change counsel. I presume this is a private attorney that you have retained. This sort of thing comes with the territory, happens all the time, and will not faze the judge or the prosecutor one bit. Good Luck!

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