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Changing a child's last name on their social security card? Changing biological father's last name on birth cert.?? Help!!

Noblesville, IN |
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My husband and I have a child (out of wedlock but are now married) he look my last name. We got a court order approved that changed our child's last name to ours. When I took it to get her SS# card changed they told me I couldn't because on the birth certificate my husbands last name is still his maiden name. I don't understand because it has nothing to do with him. I had a new birth certificate and the court order.
I was also told I cannot change his last name on her birth certificate without a separate court order. How do I go about this? He legally changed his name with our marriage certificate so I don't understand why that isn't enough. Help

Attorney Answers 3

  1. OK, so your maiden name was, say, "Jones". Your now husband's birth name is, say, "Smith". You had a child, that you named, "John Jones". You then married your now husband. What is not clear is what you mean when you say "My husband and I have a child...he took my last name." I am presuming you mean the child took your last name, so in this example, your child's last name is "Jones". But do you mean your husband took YOUR lasts name? I.e. Did he change his name to "Jones" from "Smith"?

    I look forward to your clarifications.

    Stephanie Joy

  2. I can't do any better for you than Ms. Joy's excellent answer.

  3. I agree with the first attorney... without additinal clarification that is the best answer she can provide you.

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