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Asked almost 2 years ago - North Chicago, IL

My sponsor has filed H1B for me and H4 for my wife together. Currently i am on L1B and my wife is on L2+EAD . i havent received any status whether my application is selected through lottery or not.

My wife received Change of Status notification from USCIS stating that Change of status request submitted. Also stated that L2 to H4.

My queries are

1 .Does it mean my application is selected through lottery or does this notice comes for all applicants( means dependents).
2. I hope that my wife can still work on EAD.. Please confirm ?


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    Answered . 1. Means the application has been selected through the lottery.

    2. Yes, until such time as the H-4 application is approved.

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    Answered . If you wanted your wife to have EAD why did you seek H1B? She can work until her status is change at which point she can work no more. All it means is that I539 is processed faster than I129. It does not mean anything else.

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    Answered . 1. The only way to determine whether your H-1B was picked or not is for your employer to receive either a receipt or a rejection notice with the entire H-1b filing.
    2. She can only work while on L-2 status.

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    Answered . Hi hope that you are well. Her receipts mean that USCIS has received her application of change of status. It does not mean that your H has been chosen in the lottery, unfortunately. In order to determine that you will either receive a receipt from USCIS or they will return your package. However, on an H-4 status your wife will not be able to get her EAD. She could continue to work on her old EAD card under her L-2 status until her change of status is approved, when approved. Best of luck to you!

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