Chances of getting 50/50 physical custody?

I have an 11 yr old child who I would like to get 50/50 physical custody of. Lately he has had some problems at his mother's house. He is scared of the man that she is now dating. He does not want to return home to his mother when our visitation time is up. She does not spend quality time with him, and has left him by himself often. This effected his self-esteem and outlook on life, requiring that he needed to see a psychiatrist. The doctor stated that my child wants to spend more time with me, and that he agrees that it would be in the best interest of the child. His mom is not receptive to the idea, & i have fought with her before about visitation. I will hire an attorney, but worried that the process will be long, overly expensive, and end up resulting in me not getting more time.

San Antonio, TX -

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Eric Lee Gruetzner

Eric Lee Gruetzner

Family Law Attorney - Cypress, TX

Your fears are understandable and possible, but the best way to get a feel for what you may encounter is to consult with a family attorney (or several) in order to review the specific facts of your case. There's just no way an attorney on Avvo could assess what your chances might be just based upon the limited information available here.

Good luck,
Eric Gruetzner

Richard Norwood Evans II

Richard Norwood Evans II

Family Law Attorney

From the sound of it you have laid the groundwork to present your case in court. This should save an attorney time in requesting a trial setting.

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