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Celebrities charges

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Why do Celebrities get off so easy on criminal charges like DUI, sexual assaults and drug possession?

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I think a great many factors play a part in the way celebrities are handled by the various court systems. First, they can afford to hire very good attorneys. They do not always, but they can usually always afford it. Second, the police officers often can be "star struck" and sometimes they may not handle the case in a routine manner. Third, there may be papparazzi involvement in the case which can really muddy the waters. Fourth, very few Sheriffs want to have a celebrity in their jail. They have to take lots of precautions. So, even if the Judge goes hard on the celebrity then the Sheriff may still release them early for security concerns. Also and this one is big, for addiction type crimes (DUI, drugs) the celebrity can usually afford alternative treatments such as rehab. The court will always consider that instead of incarceration. Regular folks rarely can afford all the defenses and alternatives that a celeb can. Last, if they keep screwing up usually no amount of money will keep them out of jail. I hope that helps explain the disparate sentences of celebs.

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