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Cease and desist letter for neighbor?

Elkhorn, WI |

My neighbors starting harassing me over 2 years ago first in petty little ways but this winter they seriously legally encroached on my property and were ticketed by the police. It was so frightening that I immediately had a professional survey executed, put up a temporary snow fence. and got a conceal and carry permit. The permanent chain link security fence was just installed and they are still putting stakes up trying to make the fence look like the lot line when my yard extends 5-6" behind the fence, throwing garbage in my yard every few hours and they have a big sign pointed at my yard that says LIAR I don't even know why. Can I have a lawyer send some sort of cease and desist letter to these people? I especially don't want them trying to make some case the fence is the lot line.

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For $100-150 or so or maybe even less you shoudl be able to get a local attorney to help you on this. You will have the added benefit of having that attorney knowledgable and ready to help you if you need more help in the future.

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Continue to document and call the police...keep making reports to officially document the events.

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