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Caught shoplifting AT Walmart in SC. Less $100. Arrested in HELL FOR THE NITE. NEED HELP.. COURT TOMORROW. WHAT SHOULD I PLEA?

Charlotte, NC |

I was caught shoplifting at Walmart in SC. Less than $100. I was arrested and held over night. It was a living HELL. No medication (on disability for terminal illness), no phone access. I feel so ashamed. Teacher by profession. If I live through this illness long enough, I would like to still be a part of teaching children the joy of education. Background checks are very thourough. Should I plea No Contest? Will I still be able to teach? Will there be a very high fee for a 1st time offense? Court is tomorrow. If I arrive very early and ask the public defender (if they will even speak with me) for community service and classes if needed and expungement, could it happen? or even ask the judge (if I am allowed to speak...Is that a right I have? should I exercise it? please help ASAP.

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You should hire an attorney asap. If you're a teacher you can likely hire an attorney but if for some reason you can't hire an attorney, ask the court to appoint you an attorney. Don't talk to anyone about this matter except an attorney. Don't tell the judge anything except ,"not guilt" and that you want an attorney appointed or want time to hire an attorney. Best of luck.

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What happens if I say 'not guilty' ? I am currently unemployed and can't afford a long fight. If a lawyer would help me in court tomorrow to reduce the hurt as low as possible I would pay. It doesn't seem likely as I imagine it takes a while to gain legal representation. What are my chances of obtaining help by 3pm tomorrow?

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