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Caught Shoplifting at Rite Aid (Washington State)

Mercer Island, WA |

Hi, recently I was caught shoplifting at a Rite-Aid and apprehended outside the store by the LPA. I am 19 years old and live in Washington (the state) She took me into the back and had me fill out a few forms and threatened to call the cops if I could not prove who I said I was and I did not have my ID on me but I called my brother who drove home to get it for me and came back. The items I stole were a little less than $10 in value. She made me intial a couple boxes and sign a form saying I am banned from rite aid. She said I would also get a letter in the mail for a fine that I would need to pay, otherwise there would be a warrant out for my arrest and the worst thing I could do was ignore it. I asked her how much it was and she said she didn't know.

I live in Washington (My question is, do I really need to pay the fine when I get it, and will a warrant really go out for my arrest if I do not pay it? I heard that it was some nonsense from their legal department and it costs too much money for them to bring it to court over 9 dollars and that they try and scare people with threatening letters about paying them immediately, in most cases $200+.

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It is unclear what question you are asking here. If you are asking how much the fine might be, that is very difficult to predict.


It's very common for clients to mix the civil ability of a store to sue you with the criminal aspects of possible prosecution. Rite Aid wants you to pay to settle a civil lawsuit against you. Prosecutors can still file a criminal charge against you, regardless of whether you pay Rite Aide now.

You should hire an attorney to resolve both civil and criminal aspects together.

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