Caught shoplifting alcohol from winco what should I do?

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I was caught walking out of the store with a bottle and two energy drinks in my jacket. They were very forceful right off the bat and put me in handcuffs. I was completely compliant but said (when forcefully grabbed) "I didn't think you could touch me like that". They took me to their office, interrogated me, and filled out a criminal report. When I asked whether or not their report said that I was compliant they said (and I quote) "what you said sounded like something someone might say before they run away". They also asked me a bunch of questions which now that I think about it seemed like they were trying to get me to confess to burglary. A few times they asked each other what I said (not me) and completely misquoted me. What do I do if they made me sound worse in that report?

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    Answered . Sounds like you have already gone to juvenile court and have a lawyer whether it is a private one or public defender. You should be discussing your case with your lawyer and not post facts here since it is a public forum. Juvenile proceedings are different from adult court. Factors considered are past conduct (prior law enforcement contact and juvenile proceedings), how you are doing in school (including grades problems at school and attendance), problems at home like not listening to your parents and not being home when you are supposed to. If this is a first time offense, there are various ways to resolve your case without major impacts for your future. You need to talk to your attorney if you have one to discuss various options. If your issue is the conduct of the officers that may be a civil rights issue although I am not sure if you can find a civil rights attorney to take your case. Bottom line is that you should talk and discuss your case with your attorney.

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    Answered . Don't make any statements about this incident to anyone other than your attorney.

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