Caught in the act

If I saw my wife sleeping w some other guy, and I accidentally kill the guy. What's gonna happen next??

Houston, TX -

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Jim Mitchell Medley

Jim Mitchell Medley

Criminal Defense Attorney - Houston, TX

Such an accident would be unfortunate.

Whether it was an "accident" would have to be decided by a jury of your peers.

But first, you would be arrested and charged with Murder. You would need to hire a lawyer to represent you. You may or may not get a bond. It will probably cost you more than $10,000 out of your own pocket to get out o jail.

The grand jury would review the evidence and decide whether you should be charged.

If convicted, you could get up to 99 years or life in prison. If a jury believed you were under the influence of immediate passion, you might could get a maximum of 20 years. The fact you are asking this question would likely nix that if you could be traced to this post.

A divorce is cheaper.

Harry Edward Hudson Jr

Harry Edward Hudson Jr

Violent Crime Lawyer - Stockton, CA

What you describe is not an accident. It is premeditated murder. I think TX still has a death penalty with few waiting.
Divorce is infinitely cheaper and, for you personally, safer.
Question. Why are you irritated at the guy? Maybe he just took advantage of a situation that presented itself?

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Alexander M. Ivakhnenko

Alexander M. Ivakhnenko

Criminal Defense Attorney - Chicago, IL

Possible charges may stem from such conduct as follows:
1. Either murder one (premeditated),
2. Murder in the heat of passion, with afterthought,
3. or involuntary manslaughter.
That list is naturally is not exhaustive as there may be other charges of conspiracy, etc.
Please do not plan anything illegal or patently criminal.

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Larry Dean Bloomquist

Larry Dean Bloomquist

Violent Crime Lawyer - San Antonio, TX

There is no I caught my wife sleeping with another guy defense in Texas. Though many people believe it. The possibility of spending the rest of your life in prison, exists. If you think your wife could cheat on you get a divorce it is cheaper and has a happy ending. Murder and manslaughter trials rarely have an happy ending and even when they do it is after you have spent the better part of 3 years in the county jail awaiting trial spent every dollar you had to get the best defense attorney you can, and sweating it out every minute to see if you are ever going to be free and eat a cheeseburger again. Not worth it. Go be happy and live in peace, that is always the best revenge.

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