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Car Wash Most Likely Damaged My Vehicle

Zelienople, PA |

I was prompted to continue driving forward, but doing so would exit my vehicle from that wash. I exited the inactive wash, and drove back around to try again. Upon reentering saw that I was still being told to pull forward. This time however, I BELIEVE heard the wash sound as though it were starting (washing arms moving), and I stopped in the appropriate position... but nothing happened. Irritated, I exited properly, and saw that an 8' scratch and a small dent had been left in my vehicle, about an inch behind the door. This could have only been done by the arms that I believe I heard seem to start. I tried calling the number listed there, but it is invalid. I'm worried because I didn't physically see the arms do it, but I know for a fact it wasn't there before I arrived at the wash :(

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The burden of proof in a civil case in Pennsylvania is, for most claims, by a perponderence of the evidence - or more simply put, that what you claimed occurred was more likely than any other explaination.

The Defendant's identity - as the property owner, or a leseee, can be identified and contacted through a bit of reasearch at the county courthouse, where you will find property records. They may even be available online.

Given the minor damage, it would seem to me you could bring a claim against the owner of the property - or the lessee if it is a tenant that operates the wash - in the local magistrate's court. You would not requre an attorney - nor would it make economic sense to hire an attorney - to prosecute this claim.

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Colm William Kenny

Colm William Kenny


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