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Car rental and insurance question. Nephew wrecks rental car. Not listed on rental car. Can a lawyer help with this issue..

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Ok so my nephew wrecked a rental car and hes not listed on the rental car. Good news is that his insurance said that they will cover all the damages to the vehicle. Bad news is that his insurance said they do not cover the loss of use of the rental car and the diminishing value of the car after it was wrecked in which I guess I am expected to be billed for it. This is my question. The rental car is a 2015 corvette. My nephews insurance told me to make a claim through my credit card in which I used to rent the rental car to cover those charges. Bad news is that visa denied the claim because 1. the rental car was not under my nephews name and 2. A chevy corvette is not covered based off of visas policy. So Im pretty much screwed on that and could expect a 10 thousand or more bill....

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  1. His insurance company should cover the loss, and a local lawyer can help hold the insurance company's feet to the fire, as rental companies are notorious for scamming people with inflated losses.

  2. insurance companies and credit card companies are notorious for minimizing payments. Get an attorney to protect your rights.

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  3. His insurance should pay just as if he wrecked his own car. So, the deductible will be his to pay. Unless the rental contract also says he has to pay for diminished value, that should cover it.

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  4. This question is difficult to fully answer without being able to review all of the contracts involved. However, a local attorney can do this for you to help protect your rights and make sure that the insurance companies properly value everything.

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