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Car insurance says they will not pay for car repairs because story does not match

Downey, CA |
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My mom car was damaged by her hitting a bumper of a parked car, the other car that was hit did not sustained any damage, but my moms car did. She reported it to insurance but told a different story, insurance does not want to pay stating her given statement does not match damage to car. If she tells them the truth, will she face any legal problems, nobody got hurt, the other car did not get damaged, she has full coverage insurance, the adjustor told them if she tell the truth they will cover the damages but her insurance premium will go up, my mom knows that, but she is afraid to change her story, will she be in legal problems if she changes story?

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    An insurance company can properly deny coverage if there is insurance fraud involved. You appear to indicate that your mother did not tell the truth. If so, then she might not face whatever legal problems she thought she might avoid, but the trade off is she does not get insurance coverage.

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  2. Insurance fraud comes to mind. So yeah shes kinda put herself into the corner. I don't have any advice for your mother. What a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive.

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  3. Your mom had a parking lot accident, and likely did not tell the other owner what happened because she did not see any damage. The questions are how much is her deductible; and whether its worthwhile to make a claim when she will end up paying more for the repairs in insurance than she would if she just paid for the repairs herself. The insurance company can deny the claim if the claim is false.

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