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Car Accident Settlement Check- How long does it take

Union, NJ |

I was involved in a car accident about 4 years ago. I have a lawyer and we settled with Geico. This was Feb. 29th. I received a letter from Geico a few days later stating a check was issued to my lawyer and I but it also stated it was sent to the lawyer representing Geico. How long will it take for this lawyers office to send the check to my lawyer? Is this normal procedure in NJ?

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    It is a standard procedure in New Jersey (and probably elsewhere). An insurance company will issue a check once it receives the appropriate settlement documents (i.e. signed release). They send you the letter simply to keep you informed. The check is typically sent to the defense attorney (that represented Geico's insured). Then, in turn, the check would be forwarded to your attorney.

    However, this is not the end. Now the check has to be endorsed and processed. The check will be deposited in your attorney's trust account. Allow it time to clear and then disbursements are made. At that time you will have money in your hand.

    All of this takes time; time for mailing, time for preparation of letters or other documents, time for bank processing. I usually tell clients to allow at least 30 days for this process to reach completion.

  2. Geico can take long sometimes. Your attorney should be calling the other attorney to find out where the check is. They are in no hurry.

  3. Your lawyer will have the check shortly.

  4. Your lawyer should have it very shortly.

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  5. Remember, many things such as mailing of checks by insurance companies are out of the control of your client. However, someone from your lawyer's office should be on the phone with Geico trying to straighten this issue out and have a check mailed to the correct address.

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