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Car accident caused by a business vehicle, an unlicensed driver

Delmar, NY |

Recently, I involved in a car accident caused by a business vehicle, drove by an unlicensed driver, the car is insured under a small family business. The driver is their family member, he took illegal left turn. He previously had 3 tickets already, and was ticketed again in this accident. My car didn't has collision coverage. Now his insurance denied our claim.

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  1. You can sue the driver, the owner and the business. If you are suing for personal injury you need to show you suffered a "serious injury" as defined by the Insurance Law.

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  2. The insurance company probably denied the claim due to the unlicensed driver not being covered under the insurance policy. If the business won't pay you, you will have to file a lawsuit.

  3. In NY these claims will usually ultimately be covered by the insurance company. However, if not you still have your claims against the parties involved.

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  4. It is hard to answer this question because some important information is missing. Did their insurance deny your property damage claim, your bodily injury claim or both? If they denied your property damage claim, the reason could be that the driver did not have the owner's permission to use the vehicle. If they denied your bodily injury claim, it could be for the same reason or because the insurance company felt that you did not sustain a "serious injury." The best thing to do in this situation is to speak directly to an attorney.

  5. Then retain a local personal injury lawyer to pursue the company, driver and owner.

  6. Is your claim property damage for damage to your car, or does it also involve personal injury ? As other posts have indicated, if you have suffered injury then you must meet the serious injury threshold in New York to prosecute such a claim. If it is property damage, and the insurance company denied the claim, then have the right to proceed directly against the driver, the small family business and the owner of that car (it may be the business but it may not be). The amount of damage involved to your car would determine what court you would bring the case in. If you had the type of personal injury that met the serious injury threshold you would bring the case in state supreme court, most likely Albany County.

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