Car accident 3 months ago still in pain and getting sick of dealing with state farm accident wasnt my fault ..

Asked almost 2 years ago - Lorain, OH

I was rear ended at the stop light in Jan 28,, car is fixed,, but getting the run around from the insurance company to pay my medical bills from the er i sent them everything she tells me not what she needs i had back and neck strain i get migraines neck and lower back hurts still.. my hospitol bill was 2000.00 pls doc care state farm only wants to give me 3000.00 for doctor bills and 750 for injury i told her still in pain and she isnt taking me serious she tells me there is noway i am still in pain... my finance and I have been stressed out cause we are trying to have a kid and that has stop now cause of the pain I am in help need advise....

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    Answered . You should seek the services of a personal injury attorney to assist you in dealing with the insurance company. You may also want to seek further treatment to deal with the pain. If you have health insurance coverage the health insurance provider will cover the medical bills and then they will be reimbursed out of any settlement. This is all figured into any settlement reached. Feel free to call me to discuss further. 440-552-5492

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    Answered . I hope you have been seeking proper medical attention. Hiring a personal injury lawyer to deal with State Farm is a good idea. My office will be glad to give you a free consultation. We only charge a fee if we are successful in resolving your claims.

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    Answered . You need to contact a local personal injury attorney. They will deal with insurance company, while you will concentrate on getting better. Insurance company representative might be trying to take advantage of you and minimize their payout. Get a consultation from an attorney, first one is usually free.

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    Answered . If the insurance company is not being fair with you, you need to get a lawyer. Most good personal injury lawyers will charge you a percentage of what is recovered, so it should not cost you anything up front. Don't wait any longer. Insurance companies look out for themselves and each other. You should get someone to look out for you.

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    Answered . If you want to get rid of this headache, hire a personal injury attorney. That professional will help you manage all of your bills int eh process.

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    Answered . Never deal with an insurance company without a lawyer. Retain one of the lawyers in your state above for representation.

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    Answered . I am sorry that you've been suffering. An accident can really change your life for a long time, I hope you can get back to trying to have a baby soon.

    The insurance company will give you the run around because they can. Once you have a lawyer, the insurance company won't be able to contact you directly and your lawyer will advocate on your behalf to get what you need for medical bills and for your pain and suffering stemming from the injury. This will help with the stress you're feeling so you can concentrate on getting well.

    Good luck with everything.

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