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Car Accident

Orlando, FL |

Hello, I was in a car accident yesterday. It was at a 4 way stop with no lights just stop signs. I was travelling on the main road from N to S and the other car was travelling from E to W. I came to the sign first and pulled off and the other driver pulled out in front of me and I hit her car and my airbags deployed. When the police came on the scene they spoke to an eyewitness and the girl who pulled out in front of me and took statements from them and didn't speak to me even though I was begging them to listen before I was taken away in the ambulance and I ended up getting a ticket. What can I do about such an injustice. I cried all night, I just couldn't believe what was unfolding before my eyes.

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  1. Spend a couple hundred bucks for a local traffic court lawyer to fight the ticket. Report the accident to your insurance company. If you were injured, retain a personal injury lawyer.

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  2. I agree fully with Mr. Lassen. Report the accident to your insurance carrier, fight the ticket and retain an injury attorney who can handle all of that for you. One word of advice, there is no set rule for who has the right of way at four way stops and the key to you claim is who began to proceed first assuming you both came to a complete stop.

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  3. After a car accident it is important to cooperate with your own insurance company, especially to make sure bills for treatment of your injuries are paid. Here are some tips for dealing with the other driver's insurance company. You asked, so here's my advice after your motor vehicle accident:

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  4. Plead not guilty and challenge the ticket in court

  5. You need to hire a lawyer ASAP!

  6. Hire a local attorney to fight the ticket. You will want to make sure that liability isn't an issue in your case.

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