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Can your court appointed attorney refuse to give you a copy of a PSI report that's for your court case?

Decorah, IA |

ive asked my court appointed attorney for a copy of the entire contents of my case folder except for the emails between him and me. he sent me a email back saying that he can not include a copy of a pre-sentence investigation report that was done by the department of corrections for my case so that i could get a deferred judgement as a option. So my question is can my court appointment attorney legally prevent me from getting a copy of that PSI report where its part of my case folder??

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Normally, the court requires the parties to return any paper copies of the PSI at the conclusion of the sentencing hearing. That may be what your attorney is referring to.



there hasn't been any sentencing hearing, next court hearing isn't until the end of April. and ive never seen the actual PSI report. only have been told what is supposedly on it. and the reason i requested a copy of the contents of my case folder is because i only know of maybe 15% of its contents. so i feel like im being intentionally kept in the dark. and im also trying to find a attorney in the NE iowa area that has experience handling Sex abuse 3rd degree cases so that i can attempt to replace the court appointed attorney who hasn't as far as ive noticed ever handled a sex abuse case.

Colin Christopher Murphy

Colin Christopher Murphy


One aspect that I hadn't considered was the PSI usually is stand confidential and it cannot be disseminated without a prior court order. It may be your attorney will need a court order to provide you with a copy.

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