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Can you use your smartphone to record a family court hearing?

Phoenix, AZ |
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I have a family court case set in Maricopa County and I was wondering if I can use my smartphone to record the hearing?

Attorney Answers 4

  1. No but you may hire a court reporter to record each and every word spoken so you will have a written transcript of the hearing.

  2. Not unless you want to have your smartphone permanently confiscated by the judge and possibly be held in contempt of court. Pay for a transcript from the court reporter.

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  3. Most courtrooms have electronic recording and you can order the audio and/or video, depending on the recording, with the court for approximately $20. If you try recording a proceeding without court approval, you are going to be subjected to a possible contempt ruling.

  4. We donut have court reporters in Maricopa county for family court unless you request them ahead of time and the transcripts are expensive. For twenty dollars the court will give you the video and audio recording the minute entry contains information on who to call to order it.

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