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Can you travel out of the country with a bench warrant?

Philadelphia, PA |

I am scheduled to travel out of the country for a 6-week internship in Europe. I have a warrant for failure to appear. Will I be arrested upon arriving to Europe or arriving back to the States?

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I can virtually guarantee that you will be stopped before boarding the plane. Look at it this way: When you get pulled over for speeding, the officer takes your license and runs your name for warrants. If you are the one driving, you will be taken into custody. If the POLICE run your name on a simple speeding ticket, can you imagine what the Department of Homeland Security is going to do with your license?? Moreover, you are facing additional charges if you ATTEMPT or even SUCCEED in making it out of the country. Don't do it. GO TO COURT AND GET THE ISSUE RESOLVED!! This will avoid your headaches and unnecessary anxiety. Go to a lawyer at once.

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Resolve this NOW to avoid headaches later. Good luck!

Note: This answer is only for educational purposes. I am not your lawyer until we have a written representation agreement between us.

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I read another user's question about 3 traffic ticket bench warrants and the answers said that he should be able to leave the country since customs doesn't really arrest on misdemeanor warrants. This warrant was issued for a speeding ticket. I don't have the money to pay the $500 bail right now. What can I do?


You are entering a dangerous area. People have been prohibited from entering Canada by vehicle with a DUI pending and no warrants. If immigration officials are this dilligent in looking for pending cases imagine what else they are looking for. Clear this up now and save yourself the trouble later.

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