Can you travel internationally, once already outside the US with a bench warrant for felony eluding

Asked over 2 years ago - Richmond, VA

is a bench warrant for felony eluding a bad enough crime to be extradited for?

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    Answered . Do you mean being extradited from say Europe (by European authorities) to the US? I doubt that is an answer anyone can give. It seems doubtful to me that an international government is going to take someone in overseas. However, is it possible...I imagine yes.

    What is more likely, at least in my experience, is that when the person decides to come back to the US, they get picked up at the airport.

    Either way, that is the problem with being on the run. The person is always going to have to be concerned about being picked up when they least expect it.

    Jame S. Abrenio

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    Answered . It is extremely unlikely that you will be detained anywhere outside of the US based on a warrant for fleeing and eluding.

    Joshua Sabert Lowther, Esq.

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    Answered . Unless you a very high profile fugitive, it is extremely unlikely that the VA authorities are going to involve the State Department to get notice of the warrant distributed internationally through Interpol. I would guess that when you cross the border from say France to Spain, your passport will not be flagged and you will be treated like any other traveler. Once you come back to the U.S., however, you will be picked up.

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    Answered . I might add, stay away from US consulates. In similar cases they have confiscated passports.

    This is not legal advice but a general comment on society.

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