Can you take traffic school every 18th month?

I got a speeding and a minor child seat belt ticket. I heard each ticket will give me one point, total of 2 points. I am planning to take traffic school, which will expunge one point. Can I take traffic school after 18th months to expunge the other point?

Santa Ana, CA -

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Andrew Stephen Roberts

Andrew Stephen Roberts

Speeding / Traffic Ticket Lawyer - Thousand Oaks, CA

No- traffic school is available only once every 18 months for any one ticket. Get an attorney. Might get one count dropped/reduced or entire case dismissed.

Andrew Roberts
(818) 597-0633

Sedrak Yenikomshuyan

Sedrak Yenikomshuyan

DUI / DWI Attorney - North Hollywood, CA

Follow Mr. Andrews advice - he is a VERY competent traffic law attorney. Good luck to you.

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Linda A Iannelli

Linda A Iannelli

Speeding / Traffic Ticket Lawyer - Newport Beach, CA

some courts allow a child car seat class besides traffic school.
Contact a compent lawyer in the area of the ticket.
We are happy to offer a free consulation and we handle matters in OC, everyday.

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Alexander M. Ivakhnenko

Alexander M. Ivakhnenko

Criminal Defense Attorney - Chicago, IL

Rely on a licensed attorney in person, do not try to resolve your matter by one written Avvo paragraph, you situation must be examined further.

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