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Can you sue for distributing a product (kratom) that is dangerous and may have caused death.

Hastings, MN | advertised the product as a tea addative, but it is known to be an opiat alternative and is very addictive. One of the side effects of withdraw is suicidal thoughts. The kratom manufacutures are small shops, but I feel that amazon is responsible for distributing substances that can harm that can harm. I also feel that they used false advertisement for this product.

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  1. You have made a series of assertions about the product that are very serious. But, you haven't told us whether you actually purchased it, ingested it, were harmed by it, or were misled by the advertising about it. In fact, you haven't asked a question at all. Have you suffered personal injury from ingesting this product? Did you purchase it from Amazon?

  2. I agree with counsel. I recommend you see a lawyer rather than make unsubstantiated allegations on a forum like this

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  3. If you were injured by a product, retain a local defective products lawyer to investigate.

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  4. You do not have a viable product liability case where a product "may" have caused harm, but did not in fact cause harm.