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Can you sue a website for giving out personal information?

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I just found out that a woman who is stalking me got my info from a site called phone detective She paid for a subscription to this site and looked up my info by my phone # and now knows my full name, address and other info. I never knew such sites existed. Is there any recourse? This site has ruined my life

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The reality today is that anyone who uses the internet has put a lot of their own personal information online for others to get, perfectly legally. Not every use is legal, of course, but getting your name, address and phone number is probably available on, and other free sites, not to mention from paid sites and private detectives.

How has this site ruined your life? A lawsuit needs damages, and you haven't detailed any.

If there's someone stalking you, there are other remedies, such as a civil restraining order, and you might to look into that. TYou can also change your phone number, since this woman apparently knew your phone number.

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Many of these websites get information from the public record and information that you disclose to others like posting on the Internet. There is nothing illegal about coordinating this information and selling it to others. It is unfortunate, but this is a byproduct of our interconnected world.

For possible alternatives, my colleague is a California attorney and I would follow her advice.

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