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Can you sign more than one rental lease at a time without breaking one of them?

Jacksonville, FL |

my roomies and i just signed a 12 month lease 2 months ago and now they are jumping the lease with no notice to the landlord. they have already signed a new lease with another landlord but are not off of our current lease yet. will this cancel out my rental agreement and cause me damages and home loss????

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Generally if 3 people are on a lease - all three are responsible for the full rent to be paid. The landlord does not care who pays, how you divide rent, or if they have multiple leases. What the landlord cares about is that someone pays the full rent. They can sign another lease but that has nothing to do with their previous commitment to you or the landlord. If you pay all the rent - then you are fine. Otherwise, the landlord will pursue all three of you if the rent is not paid. You may have a claim against them, but your claim has nothing to do with the landlord needing to be paid in full. What does this mean to you? It means that you may be able to sublease if permitted by the landlord and get in two more roomies. If not the landlord will probably evict you assuming you can't pay the rent and seek judgments against all three original tenants. That is why most people try to avoid roommates if at all possible.
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