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Can you serve on a jury if you have a felony?

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Felony has been reduced and exsponged..

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  1. The so called "collateral consequences" of a felony conviction include an exclusion from jury service, as convicted felons are thought to be biased in the system. Many of these collateral consequences, including jury duty, right to vote, right to bear a firearm, etc., are lost and there is little to no legal remedy to the matter. Questions of reinstatement of these rights are not at the level of the Federal government, and many states have differing rules on reinstatement of those rights or a bar from those, thereof. Please update your question to reflect which state you reside in and/or have gotten a conviction in to allow a more accurate answer by my colleagues.

  2. I see from your zip code that you are in CA. The answer is that you may not serve on a jury unless you have your civil rights restored. A 17b reduction of the felony to a misdemeanor should do it as the offense then becomes a misdemeanor "for all purposes."

  3. Since your felony has been reduced, you should be eligible to serve on a jury, like Mr. Kaman said.

    Just another way our government oppresses under the guise of democracy. Despite overwhelming sociological evidence that INCLUSION in government and society are are the most effective method of rehabilitation, we still limit voting rights and jury service based only on someone's past.