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Can you send a letter to a district judge after your trial is over to tell her your story and show proof you did tell the truth

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The abusive ex, during 6 years of court, told so many lies to get what he wanted and was believed without any evidence. Just to share my story with the judge to let her know I did tell the truth and show her the evidence, is that ok? I am not expecting any change since the trial is over. I just want her to know I did not lie about what the ex did to me and that he lied over and over again to the court. I just want her to see that.

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I am wondering why you would want to provide evidence of your side of the story after the case is completed? Why was this evidence not brought up during the trial? This may be something that you should talk to your attorney about.

As for writing a letter to the district judge, I would contact your attorney to get his advice on this matter. Your attorney knows more about your case and may have an opinion on why you should or shouldn't write a letter to the district judge.

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Do not do it. It is not appropriate and won't help you. In the long run such ex-parte communications may harm you, actually.

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