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Can you reenlist in another branch of the military after going AWOL from the Army and getting a less than honorable discharge?

Hollywood, FL |
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Just for my own peace of mind I need to know what I already think.. Someone close to me says they were picked for special service and have done secret operations ect ect ect the stories go on and on until now I think he believes them cause no one else does.

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While it's probably legally possible for an AWOL soldier to re-enlist, I don't think that scenario is all that likely. In the U.S. Military, special operations forces or personnel are often referred to as the "silent professionals." Chances are if this person you know if continually blowing off his mouth about all the Spec Ops he's been on, he's probably telling false tales. Real SF troops know that their work is vital to national security and would rather die than brag or blow about what they have done.

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