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Can you move to a different city while out on bond in the same state?

Albany, GA |

Back in April of 2012 i was arrested for 4 counts of theft by taking and i was bonded out of jail by my mom. It is now goin on juy and i still haven't heard anything from a court appointed lawyer or have i gotten a court date. Can i move to a different city in the same state but i will go to court when ever i get a date? this is my first offense by the way.

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  1. I suggest complying with your bond requirements (if there is a proviso to notify the court of any change of address, do so without any delay). Also, notify the attorney of your actions and any tentative new address where you should be notified by mail of the status date. Before your move discuss the potential action with your counsel and make sure you will not miss the date.

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  2. Unless there is a condition of bond that prohibits you from relocating, yes you can move. However, it is imperative that you keep the court and your bondsman notified of your current address at all times.

  3. Yes, Just be sure to give your bondsman, the court clerk, and your lawyer your new address and contact information. Good luck.

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