Can you make changes to a pro se divorce when before the judge?

Asked about 2 years ago - Columbus, GA

My case goes before a judge tomorrow morning. My husband wants to change the amount f child support, the date he starts paying, and who gets which vehicle. He threatened me if I do not make the changes he will take recourse.

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    Answered . You are WAY over your head. Try to get yopur case reset and get a lawyer. I cannot stress how votal this is. I gather you think you have a settlement. No settlement is final unless a judge okays it. And if you did one pro se, it is rather unlikely you even covered things as well as a lawyer could. You really need a lawyer with you.

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    Answered . I agree with Glen. You need a lawyer ASAP. It will be much more difficult, or perhaps even impossible, to sort out problems with your divorce once it becomes final.

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    Answered . Child Support is set by statute and is based on the income of both parties with allowance for deviations. I agree with the rest when they say get a lawyer, at least for an initial consultation . But yes, typically you can agree before the judge signs the order, but not after.

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    Answered . You need to go to court tomorrow and tell the judge that you need to hire an attorney and that you do not understand your rights. If you have already signed an agreement, it may or may not be enforceable, but it may be that you would agree to make certain changes if there are also changes that you may wish to make. In any case, you need to review your settlement with an attorney, evaluate whether your husband has a legal basis to repudiate any agreement you may have, and what your options are. Good luck.

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Divorce is the process of formally ending a marriage. Divorces may be jointly agreed upon, resolved by negotiation, or decided in court.

Do-it-yourself divorce

“Pro se” means to act as one’s own lawyer. While there are rare cases where it may be cheaper, a pro se divorce is usually not recommended.

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